The European Energy race

Wednesday 10. May
Welcome to Conference
Tom Nysted - CEO Agder Energi
- I am proud to welcome you to Agder Energi-conference. The third in a row of conferences, and this year mainly focused on "The European energy race", says CEO Agder Energi Tom Nysted.
A renewable Europe: thoughts on the European energy market’s development
Jørgen Kildahl -
- We cannot assess the European energy market’s development based on current technology. An IT revolution is taking place that will transform most aspects of the market, says Jørgen Kildahl.
Decarbonisation of the European energy sector - what role can Norway play?
Christian Skar - postdoctoral fellow NTNU
- A cost-effective decarbonisation of the European power sector requires the right combination of renewable energy production, energy storage, grid development and CCS.
CCS – the time is right!
Trude Sundset - CEO of Gassnova
- Without heavy investment in carbon capture, most researchers and experts consider that it will be impossible to stay below the 2-degree limit set by the Paris Agreement, says Trude Sundset.
The Smart GRID of The DSO: center of a Flexibel local energy system
Jan Peters - Board member and Chair of EDSO Technology Committee
- Smart grids are a prerequisite to achieving the EU’s ambitious energy- and climate objectives– decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy connected to our networks, says Jan Peters.
Agder Energi following the power to Europe
Harald von Heyden - CEO ENFO
- Agder Energi’s acquisitions will enable us to enter the European markets for demand response, storage and distributed generation more quickly, says Harald von Heyden.
Thursday 11. May
Energy technology is steaming ahead
Ditlev Engel - Chief Executive Officer, DNV GL – Energy
- We know that the costs of wind and solar have decreased dramatically over the last 10 year and will decrease further in the years to come. It’s now all about how to implement and combine these technologies in an increasingly complex power system. A 360 degree view is needed to ensure that this energy transition works from both a technical, economic and societal point of view, says Ditlev Engel.
Making the utility industry smarter
Larry Cochrane - Director for Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft
- Progress in intelligent cloud technology has brought about a digital transformation of the energy sector and makes new business models possible, says Larry Cochrane.
Investment opportunities in an electric future
Berit L. Henriksen - Head of DNBs Global Energy division
- Put an international price on CO2 emissions. Let developers compete on price. Install interconnectors with other countries as soon as possible. Green electricity certificates have worked well for the authorities and consumers, but not for the companies that generate electricity, says Berit Henriksen.
Successful cooperation between utilities and capital
Dominik Bollier - managing partner of Credit Suisse Infrastructure Investment Partners (CSEIP)
- Big changes are required in the energy sector, and that will be expensive. It is unlikely that the current actors in the energy market can finance these changes alone. That is why we need to find the right investors for a long-term, capital-intensive and regulated industry like the utility industry, says Dominik Bollier.
Perspectives on Norwegian renewable industry
Terje Søviknes - Minister of Petroleum and Energy
- The most important action in fighting climate change is to focus on renewable development. In recent years there has been a doubling in the rate of construction, and the work must continue, says Søviknes.