About the conference


The European Energy race
- winners, losers and Norway as a potential superpower. 


The world’s energy system will experience significant changes between now and 2030. In Europe, the energy race has started. Companies in the wind, solar, battery, hydrogen, oil and gas, nuclear and coal sectors are all struggling to protect or reinforce their positions in tomorrow’s energy market.

What is the current status of the European energy market? Which energy sources are best positioned to benefit from the energy system of the future? What forces stand in the way of the European transition to renewable energy?

In terms of its energy supply, Norway enjoys a unique position in Europe. Virtually 100 per cent of our electricity comes from hydroelectric power stations.

With 50 percent of Europe’s hydro power reservoir capacity, Norway can facilitate greater investment in solar and wind power across Europe. Currently, coal, oil, gas and nuclear power are needed when the sun isn’t shining and the wind is blowing.

Will we exploit this opportunity and join the race – or do we want to remain an “island” in the European energy market? Will more international interconnectors give Norway a clearer role in the European energy market, or should Norwegian electric utilities pursue other strategies to strengthen their position in Europe?

In 2016 the Agder Energi Conference put the spotlight on changes in the generation, distribution and storage of electricity. In 2017 our focus will be on Europe. How will future developments affect the future of the Norwegian electric power industry and renewable energy generation?