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30-31 May 2018
Our focus is on Europe. How will future developments affect the future of the Norwegian electric power industry and renewable energy generation?
The European Energy race
Jørgen Kildahl
- We cannot assess the European energy market’s development based on current technology. An IT revolution is taking place that will transform most aspects of the market, says Jørgen Kildahl.
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Terje Søviknes
- The most important action in fighting climate change is to focus on renewable development. In recent years there has been a doubling in the rate of construction, and the work must continue, says Søviknes.
Ditlev Engel
- We know that the costs of wind and solar have decreased dramatically over the last 10 year and will decrease further in the years to come. It’s now all about how to implement and combine these technologies in an increasingly complex power system. A 360 degree view is need
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Trude Sundset
- Without heavy investment in carbon capture, most researchers and experts consider that it will be impossible to stay below the 2-degree limit set by the Paris Agreement, says Trude Sundset.
Snapshots from 2016
Photo credit: Anders Martinsen.